On Site Security offers a wide range of security for construction sites. We are a well-experienced, privately owned company who work with clients to create a highly visible, multi-layered security presence at construction sites.

There are many challenges at construction sites due to a large amount of equipment and materials and the significant amount of space that needs to be secured. Construction sites often have multiple entrances, with contractors, workers, and delivery workers continually coming and going. Problems often arise when building materials and equipment move in and out.

Manned and Static Construction Security Guards

Manned surveillance remains one of the most effective security measures and acts as a highly visible deterrent to ensure the protection of construction sites and personnel.

On Site Security provides experienced construction site guards with specialised skills in mobile security patrols, access security, gatehouses, and with trained Banksman and Weighbridge operators assisting in waste delivery and disposal. Due to the dangerous nature of construction sites, we can also provide first aid and safety trained personnel to assist with potential problems.

Our dedicated team is responsible for your construction sites security, assets, and equipment, providing optimal site protection while minimising interruptions.

On site Construction CCTV Installation & Surveillance.

On Site Security can provide the site with a complete package of CCTV cameras, from custom installations to 24/7 surveillance services. All of this is done by well-trained and qualified professional security personnel.

CCTV provides simple, high-impact security that provides a 24/7 level of protection. Not only does it provide effective visual deterrence, but it can also be used as the first answer platform for agent monitoring, depending on service level. The monitoring officer will immediately dispatch a guard or warn the police of the intrusion.

On Site Security will work with you to create the solution you need and do a complete evaluation of your site before recommending the best installation strategy and peace of mind.

Construction Sites Security Team

The construction safety team act as an emergency response to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Construction site security guards respond appropriately to weather issues that can damage machinery and other equipment, so contractors and workers do not have to.

Invaders additionally cause a variety of problems, including damage, vandalism, and liability. The use of safety measures are there to eradicate unauthorised persons eliminating the confusion of liability in case of injury or death. Protect yourself, your workers, the surrounding community, and your construction site by hiring a security team as soon as possible.

Construction Security

Our security guards are trusted with the keys to open and close your site successfully. This will strictly record who has the key where and when, and to ensure that full login and log-out procedures are in place for access control.

Security guards familiar with the complexity of fire and traffic management use their observation and management skills to keep the site safe. We use security patrol monitoring software to track the movement of our guards. In our 24-hour control room, security guards need to send text messages to the office hourly throughout the shift at the beginning and end of the shift.

Why choose On Site Security?

We have extensive experience in the field of security. Our team has worked for over a 1000 satisfied customers from various sectors. This number includes individuals, families, small businesses, and large businesses. On Site Security has served a diverse range of customers but approaches all with the same level of respect, dedication, and security expertise. Our company will meet your needs regardless of your location.

What makes us unique?

  • Our security personnel are carefully hired and need to undergo a thorough audit as part of the process. We employ locally as much as possible.
  • Employee training is continuous and includes on-site training specific to your position, so our executives are well prepared for any situation.
  • Our bosses and senior management are accessible 24/7.
  • We are licensed and experienced.
  • We have strong partnerships with technology providers and recommend only proven technology solutions.
  • Our prices are fair and competitive.

We look forward to helping your business. Visit our website or call us for more information and a free site risk assessment and quote. You can also visit the On Site Security office at: Unit 8 St Gabriel’s Business Park, St. Gabriel’s Road, Bristol, England, BS5 0RT.