At On Site Security, we know that you place the highest priority on your guest and staff’s comfort and safety. Therefore, we work with hotels to form proactive security programs that offer an integral part of their hotel operations. On Site Security is committed to helping our customers create an environment of safety and well-being by providing comprehensive hotel security services. By conducting rigorous safety and security assessments over the years, we have provided the security of hotels with trained professionals and multi-level support.

Hotel Security Guards

Hiring a team of hotel guards is essential for all hotel owners, managers, and operators. It not only reassures guests and employees but also reduces the risk of danger. Almost every hotel in the country has at least a few guards to ensure accurate security.

Hotel guards do a lot of work on the hotel grounds to keep everyone safe. There are doormen, receptions and patrol guards. They evaluate people entering and exiting and look for situations that may require action throughout the premises.

What we do:

  • Internal and external site patrols
  • Authorised room checks
  • Dealings with noise complaints
  • Intercepts antisocial behaviour/difficult customers
  • Prvoides extra support for staff working by themselves due to staff shortages
  • Staff and customer harassment prevention
  • Access control
  • Excellent customer service

How we do it:

On Site Security meets you on your site, completing a site survey, and defines the exact service you need. The management team then conducts a risk assessment to develop an effective operational plan.

  • The designated account manager visits the site every month to ensure that they are satisfied with the staff’s services and that the security guards are functioning at the optimal level.
  • Our supervisors also visit the site to ensure that security guards maintain your site correctly.
  • Our guards are familiar with escape routes and firefighting floor plans
  • We recommend that guests always carry their luggage with them to avoid being the victim of theft, vandalism, or unwanted security alarms.
  • Our team is vigilant and can assist reception staff on all tasks.

Our Security Guards Monitor Hotel Access Points

With so many people going back and forth, it can be challenging to monitor everyone.

Hotel security staff can monitor all access points 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can provide additional CCTV surveillance, making it easy to spot any suspicious activity.

Hiring static, staffed hotel guards to ensure guests and employees the highest level of protection is an excellent deterrent against crime, from protecting guest belongings, to car parking patrols.

Why You Should Hire us for Hotel Security Services?

On Site Security manage continuous cameras and alert systems installed into the hotel itself. These cameras ensure that no windows, vents, and doors are accessed by unauthorized personnel at any point. Similarly that no vehicles are parked outside without permission.

Besides this, many hotels host meetings and other large-scale events, with far more guests coming and going than normal. In such situations, our team will provide additional security.

It is essential to adequately protect the hotel by a team of experienced guards, regardless of the hotel’s size or the number of guests.

How Fast Guard Service Can Help:

Security staff protects guests from various risks, including unnecessary visitors, room tampering, altercations in the rooms, and even health problems when first aid / CPR training is required. With a high degree of training and knowledge, security consultants know how to act quickly and effectively in any situation.

In all situations, security consultants act in a friendly and professional manner, making them invaluable to hotels and guests.

What makes us unique?

We are a highly respected security service provider in all industries, including hotels. Our security guards have the knowledge, discipline and experience needed to make your hotel a safe place. Adding our security services to the hotel business will increase its reputation and help you become more successful in the industry. With feedback from past guests and the quality of service provided, we stand out as one of the industry’s best hotel security services.

We are committed to providing insured and licensed security services tailored to the needs of a single site.

Our Costs

We are in complete competition with industry standards for the types of services we offer. Our services total cost can only be determined after a specific evaluation and discussion has been made after assessment. We are confident that we will make a positive difference in each environment.

Call us now for more information and a free site risk assessment and quote. You can also visit the On Site Security office at Unit 8 St Gabriels Business Park, St. Gabriels Road, Bristol, England, BS5 0RT. We operate 24/7, so you can contact us anytime.