Our Mobile Patrol & Key Holding Services gives you comprehensive cover for both your premises and employees out of hours.

On arriving at the property, our fully trained Response Officers will already be equipped with detailed assignment guidelines. They will be aware of any health and safety dangers and will understand what activities you wish us to take because of a specific circumstance.

Unfortunately, any business premises in any industry are helpless against criminal activity from opportunist thieves to coordinated criminal activity.  They focus on your premises when you are not there.  Practically all buildings have an alarm system set up but who is responding in the middle of the night when the alarm is activated? We can provide you with patrol services to ensure your premises are secure.

Newly empty buildings are possibly more powerless. Mobile patrols are a financially savvy approach to protect your resources.

We provide trained and licensed mobile patrol officers as an alternative to static security guards, this can help minimize expenses whilst still providing a visual deterrent patrolling your premises or property. The patrols are carried out at random times throughout the Day/Night and are carefully recorded and GEO Tagged utilizing in house reporting platform.

We can provide you;

  • Scheduled Patrols.
  • Marked patrols vehicles and fully uniformed guards.
  • Internal patrols and the ability to cover unsafe areas.
  • Quick response to incidents and digital GEO tagged incident reports.
  • High visibility boards at entrance and exit points.
  • Cash collection and internal/external patrols.

Our mobile patrols are the ideal match to our fully licensed onsite guards, both offering cost-savvy visual deterrents against crime or wrongdoing, whilst also offering security beyond a fixed area.

Mobile Patrol Services

Our mobile patrol service provides a practical, financially savvy, and visible solution on low-risk sites and mobile patrol vehicles will check your property in both day and night. We patrol a number of areas ranging from occupied business units – private residential properties to vacant properties that require a review in accordance with protection strategies.

We provide External Patrols, Internal Patrol, and Lock-Up Checks and our mobile patrols are satellite tracked vehicles that will provide you with a truly necessary security presence. Our drivers investigate their vehicles at the beginning of each move to drive securely.

Our mobile patrol service provides more cost-effective security arrangements but still maintains a highly visible security presence to neutralize both inside and outside dangers of crime towards your business property and premises.

Inside & out

Uniformed, SIA-licensed officers make their presence known as they conduct thorough, regular patrols to checking vulnerable points, for example, entryways and windows, and reporting back any issues continuously.

The internal and external inspection report includes estimation of tire track, pressure level monitoring, glass structure assessment, damage recognition, and keeps an eye on liquid levels.

On the move

Mobile guards cover a greater area than static guards and can be deployed more flexibly where request emerges. Our mobile patrol service can be delivered as an independent capacity or related to the Key Holding response.


Patrols can be quickly scaled here and there as required. These services shield your staff from unnecessary risk and your business from pointless expenses and bother.

How Does Our Key Holding Service Work?

By providing a key holding service, our mobile patrol security guards also protect businesses from unnecessary risk, unnecessary costs, and inconvenience. The Keyholder Service permits our customers to call upon our Mobile Officer to open or close the premise whenever needed.

  • According to BS 7984, keys are stored.
  • In the case of an activation, our 24-hour control center will dispatch a GPS tracked Security Patrol to your premises.
  • On arrival, the premises will be checked altogether by a licensed Officer both internally and externally.
  • Our 24/7 control center will liaise with all relevant emergency services and stakeholders if an incident has occurred.
  • You get a GEO tagged and date stamped Incident Report through email with photos specifying what occurred.

This service mitigates any Health and Safety risks to you and your staff, and key holding services don’t cost however much you may think.

Additionally, our mobile security officer will react quickly to any alert on his patrol route and our mobile security patrol officers will report back to our 24hr control room.

Carefully Selected Security Operatives

We carefully select our security workforce for their experience and polished methodology to ensure the protection and safety of every one of our customer’s resources. A significant number of our staff are ex-services or police officers and all have the important capabilities.

On Site Security Ltd agents are completely prepared to an exclusive expectation and are fully licensed with the SIA for work in the United Kingdom. We handpick our staff for their professionalism, commitment, and people skills to offer the best benefit administration and assumptions to our customers.

On arrival at the site, our officers will undertake a full assessment of the customer’s premises to guarantee that everything is secure. We will ensure that the premises are guarded and secured according to the client’s instructions in the situation that the premises are insecure or security systems have become defective.

Any requirement for emergency assistance will be facilitated through our control room. A response team can be dispatched to provide support for the Security Officer, which permits us to manage all crisis necessities.

Reliable 24 Hour Security

Our formally dressed officers carry out regular night and weekend patrols with High Profile Vehicles and Communications Equipment performing security and safety checks on your commercial premises while keeping a visual obstruction to gatecrashers.

In case of a break-in, our Security Patrol Officers will cooperate by earlier arrangement with Police and different organizations. They complete comprehensive checks of the premises to establish both the reason for the caution and to assemble a detailed incident report, and incorporating copies of the attending security officer’s pocketbook entries.

Our Trained mobile patrol staff will slice the expense of stationery security guards and give you an adaptable resource that can be deployed where the need is most noteworthy.