On Site Security LTD is an independent security company providing security guarding services and offer a broad range of personable, effective, and bespoke security services to oblige your requirements.

We understand that property management is a 24/7 job and making sure about the security of your tenants is a first concern. Our team can build a customized solution to give you full oversight over the property and provide safety and security for your inhabitants. On Site Security Ltd has provided custom and comprehensive security plans for property managers throughout Bristol United Kingdom. Whether it is verified intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, or fire protection, we will ensure you have the solutions necessary to protect your properties and guard your tenants.

The most ideal approach to defend against conceivable crime is to carefully control access to your facility and to ensure it after-hours with the most thorough set-up of security arrangements available. To keep up the security of a property, the manager should build up an extensive arrangement to successfully address all of the likely dangers to their facility.

As a property owner or manager of the business or multi-unit properties, you have numerous parts to fill. Perhaps the most important is securing your people and your properties and in recent years, this has become increasingly important. So, we can assist you with giving an attentive however powerful security framework so you and your inhabitants have a sense of security.

We ensure that any security officer we send to you is responsible, committed, reliable, and highly competent within the property management security solutions. Our team will ensure that your premises are well protected against any unapproved access or occupation and to protect the property against harm forcibly of section and robbery.

Protect Your Properties 24/7 With On Site Security LTD

We have eight years of experience in protecting individuals, property, and information and we work around Bristol United Kingdom. We have always been at the forefront of security infrastructure and best security integrators to recognize the convergence of physical security.

For your security requirements, our experienced security guards deliver a fully integrated guarding and surveillance services. Our guards will involve themselves fully in how your business operates and will be able to cover reception duties as well as providing back-up to on-site staff.

At On Site Security LTD, we offer incorporated security systems for commercial, warehouse, and industrial spaces. So you can believe your property is secure and protected day in and day out. We’re also planning an arrangement for multi-family apartments or parking garages. You can always feel in control and safe with our security officers.

We will provide;

  • Best & experienced security officers.
  • Security solutions for retail & office space, condominiums, and shopping centers.
  • Comprehensive risk assessment solution.
  • Security solution for property of any size.
  • Tenant control systems and visitor management.
  • Maintenance of your property.
  • We also provide cleaners for your property.

In multi-family residential and multi-unit commercial properties, all of our security guards have fire marshal and first aid training.

We Don’t Just Clean & Maintain Your Property, We Make Your World superior

Keeping your tenants glad is not an alternative – it’s a need. This means the commercial property management cleaning and maintenance services you pick is a basic business choice. No other company understands this better than us and we understand that the bottom line–a clean, well-kept, and maintained property, keeps current tenants satisfied.

We not just improve your property, we establish a satisfying workplace that is both protected and healthy for occupants and their customers.

How We Work?

Our management team will meet you at your site to complete a site survey to characterize the specific service the customer requires. The management team will then conduct a risk assessment so a viable operational arrangement can be made.

Your appointed account administrator will then visit the site consistently to check your staff is happy with the service we are providing and to check our guards are working to the ideal level. To ensure our guards are maintaining your site well, our supervisor will also visit the site.

Most of our guards have fire marshal and first aid training and will make themselves familiar with fire escape routes and floor plans. To avoid becoming a victim of theft, we advise all visitors or guests to keep all luggage with them at all times. Our team stays careful consistently and is close by to help the gathering staff with all obligations.

To monitor the quality and trustworthiness of our service we ensure that all of our security officers are SIA Licensed, fully trained, enhanced DBS checked, complete communication, Literacy & Numeracy tests, carry I.D badges, Wear full identifiable security uniforms, and undergo a comprehensive training program.

Why Is On Site Security LTD Best for Property Management Security Solutions?

Security Needs

Our guards can successfully cover the security needs of your property of any size. We have the best and experienced guards that can patrol sites, respond to emergencies, monitor CCTV, and set alarms. We also place various warning boards to problem areas to make an extra visual impediment to discourage criminals from entering the property.

Rigorous Access Control

Our guards will maintain a rigorous access control system to guarantee all visitors, conveyance drivers, workers, facilities and management staff provides identification upon arrival and sign in and out of the property. They will ensure the importance of wearing identification at all times is re-iterated to all staff and endorse all company policies.

Verified & Trained Guards

We will guarantee our guards hold a valid SIA license and are fire marshal and medical aid prepared to manage any crisis circumstances that may emerge when they might be separated from everyone else on your site or property.

Our supervisor will also visit your site to ensure the guard is performing their duties in addition to security guarding.

On Site Security Ltd will assess your property to determine what route to security coverage is required and this is a complimentary part of our service. We will nominate a dedicated account manager to deal with all problems and issues 24/7.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business, so we are available to hear all of the ways you would like us to secure your site and can offer extraordinary advice and savvy solutions to help a more secure climate for all.