Are you looking for an experienced corporate security company? Do you want high-quality corporate security at an affordable price? Don’t-worry we are here to help you.

On-site security, we are committed to offering the best corporate security Guards service in town. Whether you are looking for an office building or a front desk, on site security has the right corporate security staff who are professionally trained to give you the best value corporate security.

Our corporate security excellence speaks itself.

The nature of our business and the rules of the security services industry are strictly followed by on site Security. All our security officers have been carefully selected for their professionalism, behavior, talent and skills. Also, they carry out a full and thorough examination of all possible criminal records. This is in addition to obtaining an SIA license for our services. We provide in-depth training, including theoretical and practical work, for company security staff working in office buildings and reception rooms—we our corporate security Guards with public dealings, awareness of technology fire and health safety training.

We are committed to providing the best services at any time of the day according to your needs. On site security offers very competitive prices, without making any compromise on our customer service. In a corporate and office environment, security guards are not only responsible for protecting buildings, but they also represent the image of your work in the world.

At On site Security, we provide reliable, professional, service-oriented security staff who will meet your security requirements with the role best suited to you. The security guards are well-skilled with good and fluent English listening, speaking, and reading and writing. Our corporate security Guards have professional patrol experience and are able enough to answer and redirect calls. On site security’s customer service and safety are their core ethics. Our individuals are skilled to be calm under pressure and have a responsible and mature nature. These help us to meet the operating system requirements. These are well-trained for CCTV monitoring and are extremely professional in managing adverse situations.

On site security believes in providing high-quality customer service and professional security services to customers. Our corporate security Guards are a dedicated team responsible for ensuring the highest level of service delivery. They will hold regular meetings with your team to ensure that you can take full advantage of relying on your safety and that we can help you more.

 Our corporate security Guards Value your Priorities

Our corporate security Guards wear protective uniforms and are neatly dressed. We are eminent in meeting your requirements to enlighten your company’s image with confidence. We work professionally and believe that communication is the key to a genuine customer care and a secure relationship. All of our corporate security guards are SIA licensed and have undergone extensive DBS audits to ensure they can enough for your site. We provide training and scenario predictions to our corporate security Guards to ensure they offer you the best services during the learning. This helps us identify the best team to help protect your site and protect your assets.

Our 24/7 work team supports our field staff to provide efficient and effective services to all customers. They can contact the corporate security Guards on your site to help them resolve any issue and ensure the integrity of the site. On site security generally use strict access control systems. Our corporate security Guards are well trained to handle a variety of situations. From handing out badges and ropes, asking visitors to fill magazines, or confronting attackers, our security guards are confident that they will counter all anomalies.

On Site Security fully understands the importance of corporate security Guards in a company’s security. Before, during and after the event, security personnel can assist the incident manager in various ways. While responsibilities may vary depending on your needs, our security personnel are always available to assist you and take action when necessary to minimize hazards.

On site, security is a leading provider of corporate security Guards services to UN companies. We employ well-trained licensed security guards, inactive and retired law enforcement officers and military personnel so that we can ensure our customers receive the most efficient, professional and reputable services. With the level of professional training, we provide security guards; you can be sure that the country’s top corporate guards will be participating in your next event at the company.

If you plan to organize a business event, contact the duty security expert immediately to speak to one of our experts. Our caring and professional team can help you identify specific security threats to incidents and provide you with the best defence strategy that meets your needs.

Why choose On Site Security?

With extensive knowledge and vast experience, we know the value of your money. We provide quality assurance and the best corporate security Guards that help build your confidence in security. Our security guards strive to guard the respective entrances and exits of corporate financial institutions and office buildings. They are highly vigilant and dedicated to responding to general surveillance and site alarms.

Besides protecting your companies, our corporate security Guards also ensure that your building is safe and good. Our guards perform regular ground patrolling by which they ensure that all windows of the site are closed and locked. The bathroom faucet of your building is closed and will not overflow. They also make sure that there is no safety hazard at the entrance and exit. It is their duty to inspect that there are no signs of fire or gas leaking.

At on site security, our corporate security Guards take a record of all the incidents discovered during a patrol in a diary provided to us. Your employees will then be notified in case of any emergencies. Our security staff is also trained for immediate firefighters and first responders. They even fully understand the problem of terrorism and are trained in combatting any misadventures.