Event security requires more than just deciding the venue and security personnel. At On Site Security Ltd, we ensure the safety of your guest, prevent damages related to your property and all of your event’s needs. We take pride to offer our service 24/7 365 days national wide services with commitment, integrity. We promise to deliver better than other event security providers. Our essential security components include prevent and react assaults, threat, vulnerability, manpower measure to deter, emergency, control crowd, an injury to a guest, and more.

How can we help you?

On Site Security Ltd, adheres to the best practices to minimize misadventures and help you get peace of mind. We stand out from the crowd to help you with the number of event security services. Some of our security services include,

Ticket Entry Events                        Greeting Visitors                                                                                 Film Launches

Car Park Management                    Discreet Removal of Trespassers                                                          Firework Displays

Greeting Visitors                             Issuing Visitor Passes                 Bag and Vehicle Checks

Festivals                                           Shows                                                  Celebrity Events

At On Site Event Security London, we ensure matchless customer satisfaction by providing them valued service and reaching over their expectations.

Hire our Marshals and Stewards for your Event

When it comes to the security of any event, expertise is the crucial part that needs to consider at a top priority. We spend most of our resources to make our security staff exceptional information within the nuance of each profession. Our event security officers are trained with different scenarios by expert strategic approaches, and they work closely with the event coordinators.
Our event security staff is the professional to check and monitor the registration, line to keep it organized and ensure guests don’t stray into staff-areas or for reserved areas of VIP. Moreover, we will ensure the authorization of each participant in your event.
We aim to bring many people together and ensure the legacy with the help of trained security staff. All of our security guards are proactive in dealing with any problem, fulfilling important tasks, and carrying out all the activities smoothly. Additionally, they work closely to provide you with lucid and solutions throughout the event.
Event security officers with the uniform are necessary to be recognized and ensure that event could run safely and smoothly.
On Site Security Ltd, adhere to the highest quality standard dress code, our dress code includes black business, security shirt, and security tie.
We believe that dress code significant that conform to professionalism, competency, and rectitude.

Why are we different from others?

ON SITE SECURITY LTD, Security Event Staff – Trusted and Experienced
At the On Site Security Ltd, we hold a long pedigree of working with clients and making the event successful. We have become fast to turn to event staffing agency with the help of stewards and marshals’ growing database.
We have worked with individuals, small-medium enterprises, and companies to make their events exciting and safe across the UK.

We always try to fit in your budget and provide you with an excellent experience. Reaching in your budget, our stewards, and marshals can ensure;

  • Ensure the safe access of people to your event
  • Our staff will meet your attendants and ensure the entry of the right people
  • Scanning tickets and monitor the crowd
  • We have the ability to mingle with the participants and stands

Our staff is flexible, friendly and reliable who can help you to make your exciting and smooth.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide high-quality customer satisfaction during and after the event. We will love to replace our security personal if it doesn’t meet the requirement. In order to know customer’s experience with us – we take feedback so that we could find the triggering point and ensure customer satisfaction better than before.

Highest Presentable Personnel

Our security guards are well-groomed, smartly dressed, and trained professionals. Our security guards have a deep understanding of unstructured problems, and they know better how to accomplish tasks.

Promised Quality and Commitment

On Site Security Ltd, is the best in business, with the highest level of trained professionals if your security requirement is regular in securing property and people. We ensure the quality and commitment with cost-effective rates.

Medical Assistance and First Aid

Most of our security guards know how to propitiate with first aid and medical assistance. We’ve trained professionals, and they know what to provide in the initial medical assistance and take care of them from injury to the hospital.

Our medical assistance and first aid practices include;
To preserve life by taking immediate action
To calm down the situation and reduce overall stress
Calling for medical assistance to reduce the casualties

Cost-Effective Event Security & Stewards

On Site Security Ltd, is the customer-oriented company who provide the range of service at fair and affordable rates. With us – customers can enjoy reasonable quotes depending on the event requirement and location. Reach us at our office, give complete details and get a rational quotation.

Extra Event Security Equipment

On Site Security Ltd, enables customers to hire us and get peace of mind. Most of the clients are required extra security equipment to manage their event and make it more exciting.

To ensure reasonable rates, please mention extra requirements while filling out the quotation form so that we can meet your expectations.

We are open 24/7 365 days a year, allow us to work with you and make your event as successful as you want.

We take pride in covering all the event security responsibilities nationwide, and not letting our customers get down no matter irrespective of the challenging situation.


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