Safety may not be your first concern when thinking about a movie set. And in many cases, you may not need the security of your movie set. However, there are always safety issues to address. If your crew is threatened both externally and internally, you need to ensure that On Site Security provides best film crew security. Movie sets pose various threats, from enthusiastic fans to opportunistic thieves trying to steal valuable equipment. Proper safety is required to protect yourself from all these possibilities.

Security services to protect casts, crew, and equipment.

We provide reliable security guards to protect and protect film and television filming locations. Whenever you need to shoot on set or “on-location,” design your customized security strategy to meet your specific security needs and budget. Due to its outstanding on-call service and highly competitive rates, the security of TV/film production in the UK is no better than the On Site Security.

Why do I need security guards for the movie set?

When shooting a movie, it can be an invaluable resource. Maybe you have a bank star who has fans, and some may be a little above. If you can’t reassure the cast of a movie, you can’t make a movie. This isn’t a problem if you cast a movie or commercial with a stranger at all, but if any of the artists have any reputation, the crowd probably wants to get closer to them.

Then there is a problem with your equipment. Film cameras, editing equipment, lights, and other trading tools are costly and can be attractive targets for thieves. If you don’t have enough security personnel to protect these items, you are providing an opportunity to steal them. Losing a camera can cause a significant setback in production, so it’s worth finding a suitable movie set security company.

Experienced and Trained Team
Our security professionals have the professional resources and technical experience needed to address corporate or personal security issues. If you are interested in your next unique event/production security or need security guards, our prestigious security professionals will be happy to assist you. Whether you’re a highly-skilled armed bodyguard or a security guard in plain clothes, we have several options that best suit your security needs.

Film Crew Security Benefits

Hiring security guards for your movie set will make the whole shoot smoother. The cast and crew feel safer to focus on their work and don’t have to worry about issues that inadequate security may allow. You can leave the crew and gear in the set, regardless of whether you’re there the next time you shoot. Peace of mind is irreplaceable.

The rules can change when it comes to making a movie with one or more stars. These stars can face everything from the hassle of avid fans to the real danger of an avid stalker. It is crucial not only to protect the safety of the stars but also to protect their peace of mind. If your star is worried about potential threats or doesn’t feel that the star is safe, you will have difficulty getting the performance you want from them. Whether the star is happy with the safety of an unarmed movie set or claims the safety of an armed movie set, the On Site Security staff will help you.

Requesting security for an armed set doesn’t just put you in a situation where you usually get a gun with a guard from an unarmed movie set. Other armed movie guards may think it’s enough to send you a licensed movie guard to carry a gun, but vigilance tiger isn’t. Our armed movie guards have many years of experience in the safe use of firearms and are trained as armed guards.

This means an additional layer of security for the movie stars and film crews you need. The last thing you want is a weapon that creates a high level of danger or anxiety in the set. Our guards get rid of anxiety. You can focus on the job of making your movie, and you, your crew, or your star don’t have to worry about threats from the crowd. Movie guards disarmament are similarly highly skilled and can protect the set from dangers that could threaten it.

You can also select a combination of armed and unarmed movie set guards for production. There may be armed guards around the set and unarmed guards to protect the stars. It’s entirely up to you. Some film producers feel more comfortable when guards have access to the gun, and some film producers feel more comfortable without the gun. Attentive security keeps stars, crews, and sets safe.

Our film crew security agents are:

  • General maintenance and caretaker duties specialists
  • Healthy and fit
  • Intelligent with at least five years of security experience in the film industry
  • Managed according to British Standards BS7690 and BS8507
  • Multilingual languages ​​to meet your needs
  • Screening beyond BS7858 as it requires advanced DBS
  • According to our advice, the elegant and aesthetically pleasing look is perfectly uniform and can stand out or blend into the environment. Training to integrate with internal staff and collaborate with external agencies
  • Trained to search for bodies, bags, vehicles, and rooms
  • Written and verbal communication skills

Our number one goal everywhere is to stay in better condition than we have found. By building relationships with location contacts and taking care of the property, you can guarantee a warm welcome. We produce all shooting parameters 24 hours a day, from the periphery of the shooting location to the range of units, technical bases, and sets—both in the studio and on the premises.

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