Safety may not be your first concern when thinking about a movie set. However, there are always safety issues to address. If your crew is threatened both externally and internally, you need to ensure that On Site Security provides the best security for your film crew. Movie sets pose various threats, from enthusiastic fans to opportunistic thieves trying to steal valuable equipment. Proper safety is required to protect yourself from these possibilities.


We provide reliable security guards to protect television and filming locations. Whenever you need to plan a shoot, why not design your customised security strategy on set to meet your needs and budget? On Site Security can protect your cast, crew, and equipment.

When shooting, security can be an invaluable resource. If you can’t reassure the cast of a movie, you can’t make a movie. If film cameras, editing equipment, lights, and other trading tools are costly and are unattended for too long, they can be attractive targets for thieves causing a significant setback in production.

Our security professionals have the resources and technical experience needed to address corporate or personal security issues. If you are interested in having security for your next unique event/production, our prestigious security team would be happy to assist you.

Film Crew Security Benefits

Hiring security guards for your set will make the filming of a shoot run smoother. With cast and crew feeling safer they can focus on their work and get the performance you need. Peace of mind is irreplaceable.

Our film crew security agents are:

  • General maintenance and caretaker duties specialists
  • Healthy and fit
  • Screening beyond BS7858 as it requires advanced DBS
  • Uniform can either stand out or blend into the environment.
  • Training to integrate with internal staff and collaborate with external agencies
  • Trained to search for bags, vehicles, and rooms
  • Written and verbal communication skills

We work on all shooting parameters 24 hours a day, from the periphery of the shooting location to the range of units, technical bases, and sets—both in the studio and on the premises. By building relationships with our clients and taking care of their properties, you can guarantee a warm welcome.

Call us for more information, a free site risk assessment, and quote. You can also visit the On Site Security office at, Unit 8 St Gabriels Business Park, St. Gabriels Road, Bristol, England, BS5 0RT. We operate 24/7, so you can contact us anytime.