ISO 9001 Quality Policy

ISO 9001 Quality Policy

The management of On-site Security Ltd are dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of quality for its services in the security industry. On-site Security Ltd are dedicated to maintaining a Quality Management System which ensures that its services meet customer specification within agreed parameters of cost, quality, and delivery in accordance with the company’s strategic direction. This is achieved using Key Performance Indicators to measure conformance to the above criteria using this information for continuous improvement throughout the company.

The company’s Quality Management System concentrates on error prevention, by investigating processes, identifying errors or opportunities for errors, and implementing corrective and preventive action to correct and avoid such occurrences.

The company defines quality as the conformance of services to established and documented requirements derived from customer needs, employee expertise and experience. Systems are open to constant examination and reviewed by all company personnel as well as being approved by third parties enabling observations to be made and incorporated, which provide continuous improvement.

The company is proud of its good reputation for responsible practices and dedicated customer care, which are a result of the company’s ethical culture, skilled committed staff, and quality control over its services. It is the company’s policy to seek to operate to these standards continuously and to implement and operate fully the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard through certification and annual review.

Suppliers to the company will be actively encouraged to improve the quality and reliability of their services.

The company has a commitment to comply with applicable requirements and complies with all legislation relevant to its industry sector together with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

The company has identified the need to pursue responsible policies towards the community and that the interests of industry will not be served at the expense of the environment.

It is the company’s belief that, in applying these standards, policies and procedures it will be able to operate to the requirements of its customers and industry accordingly.