Our Security Guard Services

Taking care of our clients and each other is the value at the very heart of our Company: we do everything in our power to lend our help to local activities and businesses so that everyone can survive the harsh reality of this world. Each and every service we offer is designed with the goal in mind to protect and serve.

A highly capable team of security professionals is specifically selected and trained for every necessity.

Here is a briefing of a few of the ways we can help you out:

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Reception, Concierge, & Corporate Guards

A team of our Corporate Guards is specially trained and customized to meet your necessities. From welcoming guests and securing deliveries to overseeing parking areas and delicate spaces, our personnel will operate with extreme efficiency and professionalism. This customer service package will be an asset to provide your business with a safe environment that’s also taken care of. Our surveillance members will act fast whenever a threat presents itself, and they will remove any offender that may cross your way… All of this while being friendly towards customers and even answering phone calls.
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Access Control & Gate House Security

Monitoring who is entering and exiting the building or areas of importance, in general, is essential to build the foundation of a safe environment. Our Security Guards will follow your instructions, authorizing access only to those who meet the requirements, discouraging potential ill-intenders, and detecting any violation immediately.
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Construction Site Security

Thefts on construction sites have proven to be disastrous for a lot of companies who have seen expensive tools and equipment taken away from them, resulting in total damage of millions each year. Our Team of Experts will safeguard your construction site and perform regular site patrols, carrying with them effective tools to ensure the highest level of security possible. Moreover, team managers will regularly check-in to make sure everyone on duty is performing as necessary.
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Event Security & Stewards

Thinking about organising an event? Whether it’s a small one or a large one, our guards will check in with every attendant and allow only those who have been invited, so that no harm can ruin the party. They will spot weapons from miles away, while also making your guests feel safe with their comfortable presence.
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Loss prevention - Retail Officers & Store detectives

Years of experience working in the retail store environment have helped us refine a highly efficient team of Retail Security Guards that will prevent shoplifting and more substantial damages. Our officers will cooperate with the store manager to provide quality, consistency, and safety in your store.
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Mobile Patrols , Key holding and alarm response

Our Security Guards will respond to any kind of alarm or even to events caught on your CCTV system, escalating the concern to the police as soon as the occasion springs up. Our mobile patrols will act as a deterrent to any ill-intended monitoring of the area from one of our approved vehicles.