At on-site security, we understand your need for a well-trained, courteous and diplomatic receptionist that also leaves a good impression on your visitor. We are committed to providing the best reception and concierge service in town. We assign you, professional 24-hour active receptionist, for the entire necessary interface between your building and the visitors. Our reception and concierge service is dedicated to helping our customers suffice with the best staff.

About Our Staff

On-site security strongly believes that the performance of your team should speak for itself. Turning this belief into reality, our dedicated team is committed to offering excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Licensed by SIA and approved by DBS, our security guards are highly professional and experts in handling diverse situations. Our highly trained professionals courteously deal with the customers and never fail to make us proud. They work tirelessly on all types of short term and long term requirements.

Our reception and concierge service is managed by the most professional and enthusiastic team who works day-in and day-out to deliver nothing less than the best. The security guards at On-Site Security are highly experienced individuals, with exceptional ethics and etiquettes. We work on their cleanliness and explicitly uniformed outlook by grooming them every day. We provide them with bespoke training and learning to communicate with customers from different backgrounds.

Our reception and concierge service professionals provide the most comprehensive solution to your concierge problems. With SIA training, these individuals are a well-fit for doing all the reception tasks. Whether it be offices, hospitals, apartments, restaurants, sports clubs or museums, our highly trained team enthusiastically and professionally serves them all.

The Prime responsibility of Our Guards

At On site security, our guards consider it their prime responsibility to secure the places entrusted to them. Your homes and buildings are their first and foremost priority. They work by a thorough inspection of the building and access points and are well-equipped to guard against unauthorised individuals.

Our reception and concierge service security individuals are responsible for recording the requisite visitor’s information in the form of a complete and compact copy. They vigilantly work to secure vehicles and inspect the requisite areas to ensure protection. Our receptionists are trained to keep comprehensive records of delivery and incoming mails. They strive to offer redistribution on packages and are committed to following strict rules to avoid smoking.

On site, security staff is primarily responsible for ensuring the best user experience for all guests and customers. They are highly familiar with computer usage and are guaranteed to restrain from every anti-social behaviour. On site security staff is highly trained in these areas and can provide efficient, multifunctional security and reception services to suit all diverse environments.

Our SIA-licensed staff provides high visibility, can block the attacker’s look, and check all visitors’ identity and intentions (residents and employees alike). By controlling access to your home with the reception and concierge service, our security guards will prevent criminal damage, theft, fire and reduce the risk of potential attacks, all of which are real risks to tackle.

The key to reducing these risks and creating a security environment that we are all associated with is to be vigilant, cautious and prepared for any possible situation. This art is well mastered by on site security. As a leading provider of reception and concierge service, on site security specialises in security solutions for all needs.

On site security specialists can provide effective vision prevention that significantly reduces your risk, which is very useful for providing a safe environment for residents, businesses, employees or customers.

In addition to the obvious benefits of high visibility, on site security staff is well trained and experienced, able to act quickly and appropriately in any situation with everyone and always protect their lives and property. On site security will carry out a detailed security risk assessment of your property or business, emphasising high-risk areas and any problems you may encounter. We also customise our services to give you maximum protection at a competitive price.

Our World-Class reception Services

It will take us some time for each client to fully understand your reception and concierge service requirements before making a plan that exceeds all expectations. With our vast experience in this field, you can trust us at on-site security to manage all aspects until you are established by authorised personnel until security issues are identified and resolved as soon as possible.

Training our receptionist includes grooming their first impressions, communication, body language, admission rules, security and design. On site security appoints you, the managers that treat your office like a hotel and ensures your reception team deals with all aspects of the guest experience.

From the unique style to the floral decoration, we work to the finest details, from the accessories for the conference halls to the lobby inscription. In our reception and concierge service we strive to arrange small snacks for guests and provide cards with gatekeeper information for their next trip.

On site, security has a specially trained security reception staff that regularly performs customer-focused tasks and monitors the building’s security. All these vital roles are dealt with one single person who specialises in security and safety.

Our Performance measurement

To measure our reception and concierge service, we use leading-edge technology to track hotel travel in the industry. We compare our performance with a leading guest. We use “anonymous clients” to conduct confidential assessments to evaluate our services and determine where we can improve. Cooperation between hospitality and security brings a well-developed sense of security. Access and identity management help our individuals to prevent unwanted guests from entering the building.

Our high-quality security services provide excellent services. They help build your confidence and allow you to focus on growing your business. We also offer virtual receivers and security services on a budget basis to expand access control and remote access services through the Security Operations Center.