Student accommodations are becoming an increasingly popular target for crime, especially robbery and intrusion. Student accommodation is a useful and attractive target for criminals. There are many self-sufficient apartments in the immediate vicinity, often containing expensive technologies such as laptops, smartphones, and other valuables. Therefore, Student accommodation security is a must thing for ensuring the security of students.

Student protection is a top priority for accommodation providers to students. College is an exciting time for students, as they often experience complete freedom from their parents for the first time, but they may lack the life experience needed to live alone. With 24/7 active professional on-hand security, parents and students can rest assured that their accommodation will be supported and safe.

Reception Security

On Site Security can provide licensed and experienced guards to provide reception security in your student accommodation. The dormitory is the centre of activity, and students often come and go. Our security guards ensure that your reception is open day and night and that by monitoring access and checking in and out of students and guests, only authorized persons can enter the building. We can guarantee the complete security of your student accommodation.

In addition to providing this important security service to protect students, our security officers are also entitled to perform additional concierge services, including 24/7 support and help desk’ service. So, there are always proficient professionals on hand to secure your students and offer additional pastoral and security support.

In addition to this, our multi-skill agents help you manage your building on a daily basis and keep costs down by providing services such as parking management, front desk operations, and 24/7 concierge services without compromising on important services.

Rapid First Response

With dedicated security personnel in the field, you can ensure a quick initial response to a security incident. On Site Security can provide CCTV surveillance services for monitoring. You can use it to initiate a quick first response to a security breach. Our authorized officers are trained to oversee suspicious behaviour and respond quickly and efficiently to any incident, ensuring that the building remains protected until the authorities take over.

Qualified security guards protect your property to ensure a quick first response in the event of a fire or other emergency. We can also provide qualified first aid guards to ensure that your students are protected in the unlikely event of an accident.

Visual Deterrent

With the infamous love for drinking and parties, accommodations can attract antisocial behaviour. Make sure the building is secure with on Site security. Highly trained security guards can ensure that students, buildings, and property are protected from antisocial behaviour such as vandalism, public turmoil, drunkenness, and chaotic behaviour. Security guards are trained to deal with security in various situations, including verbal and physical conflicts. Professionally and appropriately.
Mobile security can also be provided for added security in large or multiple buildings. This means that police officers patrol the building both indoors and outdoors to protect every corner of the student accommodation from crime.

Having security services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also acts as a powerful visual deterrent to prevent crimes on your property. We recognize that visibility is everything. Therefore, you can provide uniformed security guards, marked patrol vehicles, and signs to let people know that your building is under sound security protection.

Student Accommodation Security Provides Peace of Mind

At On Site Security, we have spent many years providing security to student accommodations. We have learned how good security can reassure students and owners for a variety of reasons.

In the event of an incident, trained guards can better interact with the students and advise them on the mistakes they are making regarding their personal safety and the safety of their belongings. Therefore, ensuring an ideal calm presence in any situation. Student accommodation security can also act as a professional and credible witness in the field. It creates no prejudice and can collect evidence of antisocial behaviour presented to universities or authorities.

It’s clear why many students and parents consider safety to be one of the most important factors when choosing an accommodation for their children. Not only when the students are there, but also to return to the accommodation after class or night out to find a safe presence at the 24/7 reception and stay safe.
Seeing that gentle face gives a valuable reassurance, and students will find that they are not being followed, thanks to trained cops monitoring things for them.

Campus Security Services

On Site Security, UK provides students, staff, and visitors with a secure environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whether they operate schools, colleges, universities, or student accommodations.
In addition to protecting your business and reputation from harm, we provide a friendly and accessible security team that grows to be trusted by students and staff.
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We provide a complete end-to-end fire and safety solution for the education sector across the UK. Our partners include schools, colleges, and higher education. The benefits of working with us are clear:

  • As a national supplier, we can offer the highest level of service at the most competitive prices.
  • Our dedicated engineering team can respond quickly to your needs, wherever you are.
  • Our position in the industry allows us to provide market-leading customer service. From 24/7 contact centers to engineering teams nationwide, we provide the peace of mind of providing efficient, effective, and responsive service.
  • We provide bespoke solutions to perfectly match each design, installation, and service package to your specifications.
  • Our team is licensed and experienced.

Choose On Site Security For Student Accommodation Security

Through experience, we fully understand the unique challenge of providing security for student accommodations and have developed strategies that serve both students and owners.

For customers who want to provide tailor-made services for student accommodations security but are not sure which service is best for them, we offer a free full-site security audit. Give us a call right now we are eager to help you out.

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