On Site Security Ltd, is striving to build long-lasting relationships with the client by providing services in the shopping centers and retail park security. We have been developed to become a one-window security solutions company across the UK. We are able to ensure and prevent all types of losses in the supermarkets, shopping centers, and in all sizes of retail outlets with the help of well-trained security guards and professional employees.

Our fully trained and proactive retail security officers provide high-quality service to deterrent, theft, loss prevention, conflict management, reception duties, CCTV operations, and sudden mishaps, and much more.
We are dedicated to providing the security solution to small-medium enterprises and companies with the best possible strategies and course of action. We adhere to the best practices.
At On Site Security Ltd, our core values and services standards include;

  • Entrance Greeting and information
  • To ensure customer’s safety
  • Deter vandalism, internal theft, and fraud
  • Conflict Management
  • Fire safety management
  • Front end focus and reception duties
  • Search and civil arrest procedures
  • CCTV Monitoring and Customer’s Checking
  • Professional Store Security officers

These are some of our crucial working areas which help our clients get peace of mind and make business more profitable. Our passionate security staff is dedicated to ensuring matchless customer satisfaction with consistency, integrity, and commitment.

Several years of success and excellence enable us to cultivate enduring relationships with the companies and small medium enterprises by meeting over their demand. We have supplied highly professional and well-trained security staff to several companies and businesses with short and long term contractual agreements.

Our Shopping centers & Retail Park Security guards are not only trained to help you to reduce the mishaps but also to act as wonderfully so that our clients could achieve a higher return on investment. With us, clients can ensure the customer’s safety and security, improve their brand and engage their targeted customer better than before.

Where can we operate?

We are flexible to offer our security services to the number of business. We mainly operates in school, colleges, supermarkets, supermarkets, restaurants, cafe shops, and much more.

What services can we provide?

Our SIA licensed retail security professionals are well-trained to provide excellent service for Shopping Centers and Retail Park Security. We operate to protect your good and offer matchless customer support whilst maintaining an innocuous and safe environment for your staff and customers.

We strive to help many businesses build brand image in the society with a safe and secure environment. Our fully trained and proactive shopping and retails security officers are responsible for preventing theft for both your staff and customers. We tend to ensure the retail duties with the help of our staff. Not only loss prevention and conflict management but also our staff will help you to keep a close eye on all activities with electronic article surveillance (EAS) system and radio communication.

On Site Security Ltd, is committed to helping you with the following services;

  • To provide professional shopping and retails store security officers
  • To provide a store detective whose prominent role is to prevent and detect theft
  • To orient your staff with easy and bespoke retail and loss prevention training
  • To provide the range of internal and external security solution
  • To protect your business against the emergencies
  • To protect the in house crowd place with the Project Griffin and Project Argus strategies
  • To help you with policy development about a knife, lost item, lost child, and disability awareness, and much more
  • To search and civil arrest procedures
  • To ensure the high-quality tenant management
  • To monitor public spaces with the CCTV
  • To ensure the commitment in tag checking
  • To provide first aid person service
  • Police liaison and loss prevention

Retail Security Officers

To ensure job description and roles and responsibilities. Our retails security will assure the followings;

  • All of our security staff carry the relevant SIA license
  • They are highly trained and examined as per BS 7858 standards
  • Enhance BDS check (No criminal record)
  • Carry and Wear I.D Badges
  • Dress code and they undergo for the training programs

We adhere to compliance with the regulatory author and screen our security as per BS7585 and ensure the background check and a referenced ten-year work history. This allows us to provide matchless customer service along with the perfect security services. Moreover, to ensure high-quality service, we allocate a manager who would keep a close eye and monitor all the activities performed by our security officers.

How we monitor our security staff and ensure the quality?

We monitor all the activities with Patrol Monitoring System, it can help us to provide you enormous benefits to promote efficiency and to ensure the accountability of our security personnel. On Site Security Ltd, aims to create a difference by highlighting and protecting your shopping and retail store’s potential risk.

To improve the effectiveness and monitoring functions, our security staff will enable you to place electron tags in the hot spot after they are scanned. Furthermore, these scanned report will be forwarded to the control room so that we could ensure the shrinkage and range of day to day activities and functions.

Our security officers hold excellent interpersonal skills and flexibility to coordinate and deliver in the team.

Our management is committed to ensuring world-class support to our clients at affordable rates.

For the solution-oriented shopping and retail security, please feel free to get in touch with us and discuss the requirements on Phone: 0117 914 9179 or contact us at Email: Admin@onsitesecurityktd.co.uk