Security Guard Services

On Site Security Ltd offers a comprehensive guarding solution for supported housing security. We are national wide available 24/7 and take pride to deliver unmatched services to our clients across the UK.
At On-Site Security, we offer reliable, professional, and solution-oriented services that help you to prevent misadventure and keep your property secure and safe.

We are dedicated to working with NGOs, charities, individual businesses, public and private sector offices, and supported housing groups with integrity, commitment, and confidence. We help the number of entities with effective and efficient security staff.
At On Site Security, we provide safety and security to the Halls or Buildings. We conduct a regular conference and deliver top-class security service. Our staff is committed to reporting the activities at our head office at regular intervals of time, ensuring the individuals’ safety.

Our staff takes pride in offering you excellent service with a proactive approach. We hold well trained and SIA authorized staff that fulfills your demand and maintains the highest professionalism, integrity, and respect.

Secure Your Property

We provide high-quality service and full safety to our clients by focusing on needs and wants. We know exactly how important it is to secure your property against trespassers. Squatters and travelers may set up camp without permission, making it difficult to reclaim your land or renovate your buildings. It is also common for criminals to strip the property of commodities such as metal and wiring, which can be expensive to replace or repair. Also, vandalism and littering can significantly lower the value of your property.
Our company will make sure about the social responsibility that supports our action and functioning. We are committed to delivering a matchless experience for our clients. We aim to recognize as a renowned guarding service provider company with commitment, integrity, and confidence. We also care about our human resources; we provide the actual value to the staff and the partners they truly deserve.
Let On Site Security Ltd. handle the entire securing process for you. We can secure your property quickly and efficiently to prevent further trespassing and vandalism.

Our services and support include,

  • On-site security officers
  • On-site security dog handlers
  • Overnight, weekend, or 24/7 security

The criminals and thieves always target industry and domestic houses orderly. The industry and domestic dwellings are still attractive to thieves and criminals.

The reasons for criminals being attracted to domestic houses and industries are:

  • They are frequently found in remote places.
  • Many expansive materials are stored or found in these places.
  • The industry remains closed during festivals for long periods, which creates opportunities for the thieves.
  • There is no security system in domestic houses such as CCTV cameras or danger alarm, which makes it easy for the thieves to break into the house.
  • In industry, many workers work the thieves uses the number to disguise as a worker

Our company ensures of successful covering of security and safety of the industry as well as domestic houses. We have professional skilled and trained guards who can operate CCTV monitors, patrol sites, and set emergency alarms during any emergency. We also assure you about our visual looking agents who will immediately inform you about the criminal’s appearance and positions.

What are our core objectives?

We’re driven to ensure our quality and commitment. We always try to provide perfect guarding service so that we can create an image in the mind of clients and society. We also ensure the 100 % protection of our client and client’s property.

Here some of the core objectives of our service;

  • Our prime objective to ensure efficiency and effectiveness by satisfying the needs of our clients
  • Delivering a safe, welcoming, and motivational environment for our clients and their staff
  • To build image in mind of society and maintain a good relationship with our clients

Our security services have competitive rates that are customized according to your needs. Our guards will patrol the property and give you regular updates, and any agents or contractors allowed onto the premises must meet your terms and conditions first before we provide them with access. These measures will help to prevent unauthorized visits.
All of our security guards are Security Industry Authority (SIA) qualified — you can trust that we will only hire reliable, effective security officers with experience.

Roles and Responsibility

The Director’s responsibility is to confirm and ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service and take feedback from the client, which will help us improve our service.

Some of our staff’s roles and responsibilities are as follow;

  • Our staff is committed to following all the procedure and structured rules
  • Responding to emergencies and protect your property
  • To ensure the controlling access to your house or building and prevent public
  • Monitoring alarms and surveillance systems.
  • Writing incidents reports and communicating these reports to our clients

On Site Security Ltd. strives to provide quality security guard services/ securing vacant property for all property types with flexible security staff. We are available 24 hours a day and offer a rapid response so that you can secure your assets and estate exactly when you need it most.
We always believe in the provision of world-class security services to our clients. We always try to make our clients feel and safe around us.
We have a network of dedicated bailiffs and agents with comprehensive in-house information sources to provide you with full customer support.
As trusted security consultants, we always work with your best interests in mind and ensure that your terms are met. We can secure any size of commercial buildings, from small shops to large industrial complexes, as well as vacant lots.

On Site Security Ltd. receive a quote today. Fill out our authority to enforce the form, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

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