Meet The Team

Mohamed Mohamud
Mohamed Mohamud, founder and CEO of On Site Security, has years and years of experience in compliance, security, risk and crisis management that he put as the foundations for our company in 2018. He has been working since to continuously grow our presence on the security field and make sure On Site proves to be, customer by customer, exactly what we are now: one of the top companies in the security niche. His wit, strength of character, and hard-driven passion have paved the way only for successes, and his proactiveness puts him constantly at work, attending a multitude of conferences and making sure to always be up to date when it comes to security. Every day he strives to further enhance and broaden the security industry and all the related businesses within the United Kingdom. Up to now, his efforts have shown, and each new customer is a new step towards that safe horizon.
Elise Hutchinson
Office Administrator

Elise Hutchinson comes from a customer service and administrative background and has recently joined our team as an Office Administrator. She keeps our office organised and assists our operations and sales departments. She loves interacting with clients and expresses a great team spirit. Elise is obsessed with maintaining On Site Security’s core values and impeccable standards. Outside of work, you will find laughing with friends and enjoying music gigs. We are proud to have her on board and look forward to working alongside her.

Milo Mooney
Sales executive

Milo Mooney has a background working in telesales and telephone fundraising and has a passion for customer interaction. He has recently started working as a Sales Executive at On Site Security where he spends his time networking and adding new companies to On Site's list of clients (when he's not chugging down gallon after gallon of black coffee, that is!) In his spare time, Milo enjoys making comedy videos and uploading them onto his social media pages. He also loves to draw and write novels. He is in love with all things creative.