On Site Security Ltd is one of the leading securities companies that offer a wide range of security services for all the sectors. We are the SIA approved contractors for the provision of security guarding. Despite having a bevy of guarding service, we take pride in solving your vacant property security inspection problems.

Our Vacant property security inspections service is a combination of technology and people so that we can give you traceable property inspection solutions.

What do we believe?

On Site Security Ltd offers a complete solution for empty property security and inspection with a dynamic and reliable security service. We truly understand that few of our clients are required, 24/7 on-site security guards. Therefore, we make it possible by analyzing the number of factors, i.e., budget, and security requirements, and much more.

Moreover, we ensure the matchless customers experience with mutual respect, trust, commitment, and confidence. Our patrols, inspection, and caretaker service are designed to be flexible and ensure compliance with property and landowners with integrity and commitment.

Property Guardian Protection

Vacant buildings are the target for theft, trespass, squatting, and vandalism. On Site Security Ltd is the professional caretaker of your property, which helps you mitigate these risks by monitoring and maintaining your building condition.

Our property guardians are all vetted to the highest possible level for suitability, including disclosure and barring service (DBS) checks. We strive to act as the most reliable and trust property guardians for our clients.

On Site Security Ltd, select the professional guardian with no criminal record. Our security guardians are well-trained to monitor and identify the risk and manage the maintenance issues keeping high standards throughout to reduce the fire and water damages.

Tailor-Made Solutions

For many customers carrying out inspections is an essential component to assure compliance. Therefore tailor-made solutions can suit your requirement and needs. Our Vacant property security tailor-made solution is mainly concerned with determining when we do the inspection and how it helps our clients.

In a tailor-made solution, we can help our client with the followings;

  • To keep site safe and secure
  • Meet your requirement to maintain the obligations
  • By adhering and complying your job with care
  • To prevent intrusion from squatters, vandals, and traveling criminals
  • To get peace of mind and save your time, money, and energy
  • To keep our clients informed about the potential issues at your site efficiently

On Site Security Ltd helps clients to avoid misadventures and get peace of mind with solution oriented guarding services. We also ensure that our inspection are carried out by our Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed inspectors.


Regular weekly or fortnightly inspection of a vacant residential dwelling or commercial property is more than a challenging and complex task. We maintain an ongoing and visible presence on your property and enable you with a pro-active response about the theft, vandalism, and other problems suffered by your property.

Our vacant property inspections checklist

  • To secure your property from unlawful activities
  • Inspect your property externally and internally every seven days
  • Protecting premises from vandalism, theft, and loss
  • Securing all external doors and prevent the misadventures
  • Shutting off the gas supply and ensure leakages and other issues
  • Shutting off and draining down the water supply
  • Shutting off the electricity (unless it is needed for the alarm or viewing)
  • Removing all external and internal waste material
  • Visit log time, date, and inspector identity
  • Reporting about any breaches to the property owner in order to manage and take necessary actions to address the problems efficiently


SIA licensed Property Caretakers

On Site Security Ltd is a licensed property caretaker. We offer short-term combined electronic security, and SIA licensed property caretakers solutions to reduce the risk and protect your vacant premises from illegal occupation, environmental hazards such as fire and water damages cost-effectively.

Short Term Asset Protection

On Site Security Ltd, understand that empty building can be the target for theft, vandalism, trespass, and squatting. To address these problems and protect your building, we offer short term assets protection service to commercial and residential landowners.

Our professional Caretakers are dedicated to protecting your property from a number of problems. Our caretakers can live on your property premises to protect it and can deploy security officers within 24 hours if required.

We offer flexible contracts to landowners, and they can start with 28 days agreement.

SIA Licensed Occupants

All of our property caretakers are SIA licensed as well as ex-military personnel. They are fully equipped to render you high-quality property guarding services.

The combination of state of the art alarm technology and our SIA licensed property caretakers performs regular inspections and ensure that your empty premises are secure from theft, vandalism, trespass, and squatting.

We enable our clients to get 24/7 365 days a year Vacant property security inspections across the UK and allow them to keep their property safe and secured.

We stand out from the crowd to protecting your vacant property from vandalism, theft, and loss and give you peace of mind.

For further information, please contact us on Phone: 0117 914 9179 or write us on Email: Admin@onsitesecurityktd.co.uk – one of our representatives will be shortly in your touch.