Studies show that safe practices in the supply chain help industries outperform their peers. They are organised with fewer mistakes and are faster and easier to maintain. Storing, receiving and transporting supplies for industrial operations are directly related to physical security. Security in shopping centres, factories, warehouses and distribution environments is becoming an increasing problem.

On Site Security provides the best industrial and warehouse security for you.

Sufficing all needs of Warehouse Security

As a business owner, you need to keep goods, equipment and other items in stock. Having a warehouse demands warehouse security that ensures complete safety of these goods. With our professional industrial and warehouse security services, you can be assured of your employees’ safety.

Stolen goods are expensive but can be replaced. A team member’s life however, is beyond replacement or expense. For warehouse owners, hiring security guards can reduce the risk of severe and unexpected situations. Our industrial and warehouse security guards make your employees feel safe in the workplace. This can increase team member morale and help you increase productivity.

We are aware that any theft of a warehouse can cost a company millions and create major setbacks. Investing in warehouse security can protect your products. On Site Security will evaluate your site to determine what method is needed to cover the security scope. This is a free part of our service, and it is essential to check over areas where problems may arise.

We believe that preventing theft is more than just protecting entrances and exits. It also includes the protection of the movement of goods, plants and equipment. Our industrial and warehouse security guards are prepared for the worst situations and are well-trained for emergencies, such as fires, gas leaks, floods or attacks. Our security officers can check that people entering and leaving the site have the correct documents to do so. They can greet visitors and guide them on places they can visit. This helps build your company’s security culture. Our efficient warehouse security is highly trained to detect problems that can lead to any unexpected ill-events. Besides, in emergency cases, the industrial and warehouse security guards can provide timely instructions. In case of any accident, they are trained to prevent panic and calm the workers.

We have SIA licensed security guards who can patrol the scene, monitor CCTV, respond to emergencies and set alarms. To prevent criminals from accessing your warehouses, we will set up several problem warning boards on your site to create an additional visual barrier.

Our Security Management

Our guards are trained to operate a strict access control system to ensure that all visitors, haulage drivers, workforce, management staff, and facilities are identified at the building entrances and exits. They are dedicated to acknowledging all company policies.

Our industrial and warehouse security experts can conduct searches to look for any stolen or missing items. They follow strict protocols on conducting these searches dependant on the terms agreed on by your company.

We ensure that our security guards have a valid SIA license and attend marshal training to handle any emergencies that may occur when they are alone. Our security guards are well-organised and wear a complete uniform. They attend comprehensive introductory training to ensure they can reliably operate fire alarm, analytics and disturbance systems.

It is essential that our security guards are responsible for maintaining the premises during shifts to ensure that goods and supplies are never compromised. They strive to keep the site safe in extreme weather conditions and ensure that there are no objects that have fallen, are damaged, or broken.

What makes us stand-out?

It is our passion to serve our customers with the utmost professionalism and dedication. Our vast experience in tackling adverse situations and training of our industrial and warehouse security guards makes us stand out. Our staff work with warehouse managers to guarantee the quality, research, compliance and safety of your goods. Focusing on customers and client relationships is a key value for On Site Security.

On Site Security staff can provide efficient multifunctional security minimising safety hazards. It is their duty to inspect that there are no signs of fire or gas leaking. They are highly vigilant in responding to general surveillance and site alarms.

On Site Security uses efficient storage maintenance systems and technologies. They help build your confidence and allow you to focus on growing your business; our dedicated team is committed to offering excellent customer service and satisfaction.